Corb Denneny

Corb Denneny, the lesser known brother of Hall of Famer Cy Denneny, was a pretty good hockey player in his own right. And a heck of a lacrosse player, too. He started playing pro lacrosse at the age of 14!

But it was hockey where Corb made his name. The Cornwall native enjoyed his best hockey years in Toronto, be it with the NHA Ontarios and Blueshirts and the NHL Arenas, St. Patricks and Maple Leafs. He also briefly played in Ottawa (NHA), Hamilton and Chicago (NHL) before heading out west. The vagabond enjoyed years in Saskatoon, Minneapolis and Newark.

Corb was not as prolific of a scorer as his brother, but he is one of the few NHL players to score 5 goals in one game (vs Hamilton on January 26th, 1921). He was at his best when playing on a line with hard hitting Reg Noble and sniper Babe Dye.

A Stanley Cup champion in 1918 and 1922 (and a finalist on three other occasions), Denneny finished in top 6 in NHL points in three seasons and in NHL goals in four seasons. Yet he never quite got the accolades for big brother Cy. The most common adjective hockey history seems to have assigned him is "solid."


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