Bob Bailey

Bashin' Bob Bailey was a hard hitting defenseman whose professional career lasted an impressive 17 seasons. In that time he was definitely a hockey vagabond, playing with 14 teams in 7 leagues. That also earned him nicknames such as "Here and There and Back Bob."

Wherever Bailey went he was sure to find trouble. Most infamously he assaulted referee Jerry Olinski during the 1956 Calder Cup playoffs, drawing an indefinite suspension and a fine. On two other occassions in his career he attacked referees, too, including in his final game of his career. On another occassion he was also suspended 12 games for his baseball-swing usage of his hockey stick on Ted Harris.

The Kenora, Ontario born Bailey also found time to play in the National Hockey League during the 1950s, no easy feat back in the glory days of the six team league. Including playoffs he played in 92 games with Toronto over three seasons; 45 games with Detroit over two seasons; and 28 games with the Chicago Black Hawks for one season. He scored 15 goals in 165 games, 15 of which came in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Another curiosity about Bailey's career: He was traded in exchange for Bill Dineen on three different occassions!


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